Real estate evaluation with respect to potential buyer's requirements. Cattle management strategies that aim at rangeland and economic sustainability. Wildlife population inventory using appropriate and reliable survey methods. Wildlife management plans customized for your unique situation. Strategies to achieve the atmosphere and service you want to provide. Quail populations stand to benefit from sound rangeland management that we provide. Land management strategies and solutions that favor rangeland health also benefit non-game wildlife species.

Wildlife Services

Cornerstone Ranching Solutions considers wildlife to be an integral component of rangeland production and ranching enterprises. With this approach we provide services for the management of white-tailed deer, mule deer, bobwhite quail, blue (scaled) quail, pronghorns, exotic ungulates, doves, turkeys, non-game wildlife, and pond (tank, stock tank) fisheries.

We offer:

  • Wildlife management plans
  • Population inventory using appropriate and reliable survey methods
  • On-going monitoring of qualitative aspects important to the client (e.g. photo points/range monitoring, game camera observations)
  • Harvest records and analysis (e.g. aging, antler scoring, reproductive success)
  • Harvest strategy
  • Habitat enhancement through various means including brush sculpting where applicable,  grazing management, etc.
  • Predator management
  • Nutrition enhancement
  • Staff training


Blue quail and bobwhite quail management.

White-tailed deer management.

Mule deer management.

Aerial surveys of game populations.

Pronghorn management.