Real estate evaluation with respect to potential buyer's requirements. Cattle management strategies that aim at rangeland and economic sustainability. Wildlife population inventory using appropriate and reliable survey methods. Wildlife management plans customized for your unique situation. Strategies to achieve the atmosphere and service you want to provide. Quail populations stand to benefit from sound rangeland management that we provide. Land management strategies and solutions that favor rangeland health also benefit non-game wildlife species.

Rangeland Restoration and Water Distribution

Cornerstone Ranching Solutions is driven by the understanding that rangeland management is essentially a means to harvest solar energy and rainfall by renewable resources such as livestock, wildlife, and plants.  Sound stewardship of these resources results in sustained production and the improvement over time of soil health, water quality and abundance in the soil profile and groundwater, and robust plant communities that can withstand drought and other weather extremes.  We are committed to the sound stewardship of all rangeland resources.


Our services include:

  • Rangeland monitoring (forage production, brush encroachment, etc.)
  • Brush management
  • Grazing strategy
  • Prescribed burning
  • Water distribution (systems, impoundments)

Brush management project that seeks a compromise between the requirements for white-tailed deer and bobwhite quail

Example brush management project: Roller-chopping  for white-tailed deer and bobwhite quail habitat enhancement.


Mottes remaining after brush management– for quail escape, thermal, and loafing cover.

Brush management project that sought to leave draws for deer travel corridors and for turkey roosting sites. Cleared country was left in mottes for quail loafing and escape cover, and for deer screening cover.

Analysis of existing water distribution and recommendations for improvements to benefit optimal livestock and wildlife production.